We run our business under the principles of integrity and mutual supervision.
Zongteng Group encourages its employees, suppliers,
and partners to immediately report any violations or illegal behaviors to the Group’s Audit Department,
such as infringements on the company’s interests, corruption, malpractices, etc.
We will keep the whistleblower and the reported information confidential and impose serious punishments for any revenge against the whistleblower.

  • Acceptable scope of
    reported information
  • Reporting Channels
  • Gentle Reminder
  • Rewards for
Acceptable scope of reported information
  • (I)

    exploiting one’s position to misappropriate, steal, or embezzle funds or the company’s assets, or engaging in favoritism or malpractice;

  • (II)

    accepting, demanding, or introducing bribes, etc.;

  • (III)

    exploiting one’s position to seek gains for himself, interested parties, or others;

  • (IV)

    accepting any form of illegitimate benefit, such as gifts, presents, dinner invitations, and trips, from suppliers or other partners; bid rigging, bid collusion, fraud, providing products of inferior quality at high prices, practicing fraud during cooperation, and other

  • (II)

    behaviors that harm the company’s interest;

Reporting Channels
  • (I)

    Email: jubao@ztn.com

  • (II)

    WeChat official account: (scan the QR code on the right on WeChat or search “Incorruptible Zongteng (廉洁纵腾)” on WeChat)

  • (III)

    Tel: +86-755-28262519

  • (IV)

    Mailing address: Floor 15, Chuanghui International Center, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province (Intersection of Banxuegang Avenue and Yongxiang Road)

Gentle Reminder
  • (I)

    We advise you to

    • provide basic information on the reported person, including his/her name, contact information, company, and position;

    • describe the matter in this manner: give a detailed description of the reported person’s violations (who, when, where, what) and include the evidence you have.

  • (II)

    We encourage you to

    • report using your real name so we can quickly reply to you, contact you to learn more about the matter and process it more efficiently. The whistleblower may choose a suitable method depending on his/her situation.

  • (III)

    We remind you

    • not to insult or defame others, not to lodge a false accusation or frame others, and not to instigate or threaten others to lodge a complaint;

    • that we will impose serious punishment for any behavior of falsifying situations, fabricating evidence, or lodging a false accusation against others according to the Group’s policies, and hold the whistleblower legally liable for serious violations;

    • that we will keep the whistleblower and the reported information confidential by designating personnel to manage the information.

Rewards for Whistleblowing

Zongteng Group designates specialized whistleblowing channels for whistleblowers to encourage them to report any misconduct. Once the reported information is proven to be true, we will reward the whistleblowers according to our policies.


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