Established in 2009 as a global cross-border e-commerce infrastructure service provider, Fujian Zongteng Network Co., Ltd. (Zongteng Group) focuses on cross-border

warehousing and logistics to provide global cross-border e-commerce sellers, export trade companies, and overseas brands with integrated logistics solutions,

including overseas warehousing, commercial direct line logistics, and customized logistics. It owns well-known brands such as GOODCANG, YunExpress, and WORLDTECH, etc.



To become a global leading and most trusted
cross-boarder-ecommerce partner.


To focus on the challenges and pressures faced by clients,
offer competitive global logistics solutions and services,
and continue to create maximum value for clients.



    People-first,Cherish employees,Equality and reciprocity

    Concentration,Pursuit of truth,PDCA loop

    Full of passion,Continuous innovation,Pursuit of
  • WIN - WIN

    Mutual help,Mutual trust and cooperation,Common


From a small company to a large group, from a cross-border e-commerce firm to a global cross-border e-commerce infrastructure service provider, the strategic upgrading from “China to Global” to “Global to Global”, and warehousing and logistics services to digital intelligence-driven cross-border “end-to-end” integrated logistics solutions, Zongteng has been on the way to contributing key forces to serving global trade.

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  • 2009

    [Shenzhen-Paris] Self-operated round-trip route launched
  • Once again selected as one of the "Top 500 Service Enterprises in China"
  • The company was the first in China to purchase the 777F wide-body cargo aircraft
  • China’s first enterprise with overseas fulfillment center area across the level of million
  • Group President Kabicy Wang attended and spoke at the State Council’s experts and entrepreneurs symposium on economic situation
  • Completion of round C financing
  • Rated as "5A Logistics Enterprise"
  • Rated as one of the "Top 500 Service Enterprises in China"
  • Completion of round B financing
  • Placing focus on the three strategic deployments of "upgrading, opening up and leapfrogging"
  • Completion of round A financing
  • Incorporation of YunExpress into Zongteng Network
  • Completion of the business layout of overseas fulfillment and dedicated lines
  • Completion of the international fulfillment network covering US, Europe, Japan and Australia
  • Start of third-party business of overseas fulfillment
  • Exceeding 3 million delivery orders per month in the US region, achievement of the comprehensive transformation of cross-border logistics service provider
  • GOODCANG was officially established
  • Expand overseas business channel for a transformation and upgrade from a large e-commerce retailer into a cross-border service provider
  • Establishment of Zongteng Network (predecessor of Zongteng Group)
  • The first overseas warehousing and logistics center was set up in the United States



Moving forward with awards and honors, Zongteng will continue to give back to the society with better services in appreciation of the trust and recognition from the society.

  • Top 500 Chinese Service Enterprises ( 2020/2022 )
  • The First Group of Excellent Overseas Fulfillment Center Practice Cases of the Ministry of Commerce ( 2020 )
  • President of the Cross-Border E-commerce and Overseas Warehousing Division, China Association of Warehousing and Distribution
  • Top Brand of Shenzhen (GOODCANG, 2022)
  • Key Logistics Enterprise in Shenzhen in 2022
  • Ernst&Young Fudan “The Most Potential Enterprise in 2021”
  • CILF “Star Enterprise for Cross-Border E-commerce Logistics Service” (2020)
  • Deloitte “China’s Future Star 2019”


The highest qualification certification in China’s logistics industry - AAAAA Logistics Enterprise (2020)
International express business license (2019)
Sales agent with China Civil Aviation International Transportation Services License (2018)
The evaluation of classified protection in the Regulations on Classified Protection of Information Security (2022) of Zongteng official website system,
YunExpress order fulfillment system, and GOODCANG systems
The first cross-border e-commerce logistics enterprise in the world to obtain the three authoritative certifications from the British Standards Institute (BSI), namely the ISO/IEC27001
Information Security Management System, ISO/IEC277001 Privacy Information Management System and ISO22301 Business
Continuity Management System (2021)

Shenzhen Yikeda Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Qianhai Yuntu Logistics Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Qianhai Yuntu Logistics Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Yikeda Technology Co., Ltd. GOODCANG systems- Certificate

Fujian Zongteng Network Co., Ltd.-Tier 2 the Group’s official website

Shenzhen Qianhai YunExpress Logistics Co., Ltd. YunExpress order fulfillment system- Certificate

Fujian Zongteng Network Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Qianhai Yuntu Logistics Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Qianhai Ward Taike Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd

YunExpress Europe B.V.

YunExpress Europe B.V.

Shenzhen Yida Technology Co., Ltd

Fujian Zongteng Network Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Qianhai Yuntu Logistics Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Qianhai Vodotaiq Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd

YunExpress Europe B.V.

Chinese YunExpress Europe B.V

Shenzhen Yida Technology Co., Ltd

Fujian Zongteng Network Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Qianhai Yuntu Logistics Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Qianhai Ward Taike Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Yida Technology Co., Ltd


Every employee of Zongteng is regarded as the most important asset.
Zongteng has established a diversified team with more than 6,000 employees, including logistics experts, customer service experts,
and technical software developers, which spans Asia, Europe, America,
and Australia. We are committed to exploring the cross-border logistics field, providing competitive global logistics solutions for global clients,
and becoming a leader in the global cross-border logistics market through continuous improvement and innovation.


  • Kabicy Wang

    President of Zongteng Group

    One step at a time, to meet the arrival of the era of globalization of cross-border e-commerce

    From a few to several thousand people, we always demand ourselves to uphold an “entrepreneurial” spirit, adhere to the positioning of “global cross-border e-commerce infrastructure service provider,” and focus on our customers’ challenges and stress points to provide competitive global logistics solutions and services and grow together with our customers. As a logistics company serving the world, Zongteng will continuously make vigorous efforts to develop green logistics, strive for digital and intelligent transformation in the future, and create a sustainable future with the industry.

  • Jack Peng

    Senior Vice President of Zongteng Group and General Manager of YunExpress

    We will utilize resources to build networks, internationalize our business, and digitize our operations

    We focus on our top three strategies, which include utilizing resources to build networks, internationalizing the business, and digitizing operations. We are committed to building powerful global sea, land, and air logistics infrastructure, including sorting centers, trunk-line cargo aircraft, air transit hubs, customs brokers, overseas warehousing, overseas truck transit networks, and the last-mile distribution network. We connect with our ecosystem partners around the globe to jointly develop a cross-border e-commerce logistics network that is highly efficient, professional, and stable. We provide our global customers with an integrated cross-border logistics service system and end-to-end supply chain solutions focusing on high-quality direct line logistics and overseas fulfillment services to be their more reliable partners.

    They are the spokespersons of the Group’s core values. They led a number of precious Zongteng members to make their debuts. They carry on the Zongteng culture and practice the core values! They promote and develop Zongteng values and spirit!
    They are the benchmark for practicing the core values of the Group. They are the concrete expression of values, and tangible shining carriers of Zongteng values.
    The Zongteng Value is symbolized by four animals: the panda, elephant, eagle, and bee, which represent respect, pragmatism, excellence, and win-win respectively. They assume the responsibility of value promotion, build a bridge between the Group, employees, clients, and partners, and accompany young Zongteng members to adhere to the core values of Zongteng with their adorable images.
    Come here, please. Your health has been studied! iHealth Institute focuses on workplace health from the perspectives of protecting workplace health, improving the appearance, and mental health care. The little assistant of iHealth Institute [Coco] helps to publish new information and fun activities. It leads Zongteng members to enjoy the happiness of sports and life.
    Cultural peripheral products are a unique embodiment of Zongteng culture, which include T-shirts, canvas bags, notebooks, and sticky notes created based on the concept of pop culture and Zongteng culture.
    Fun and ceremonial employee care activities enhance employees’ sense of belonging and identity to the Group, strengthen the cohesion within the Group and promote the healthy development of corporate culture.
    We care for the physical and mental health of our staff by offering rich business and cultural activities. We have built a full spectrum of amenities, including a basketball club, a badminton club, a tennis table club, a billiards club, a board game club, etc., to fill our staff’s life with little surprises.
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